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Dr. Gregg Ellison’s education and awards of recognition:


  • 4.00 grade point average, majoring in biology
  • Top student of 600 students in Freshman Biology at University of Southern California
  • One of only three students, out of 2200 students, elected to PHI BETA KAPPA as a junior at USC
  • One of two students at USC who was accepted to Medical School as a junior (I was accepted to 4 medical schools. USC, Baylor College of Medicine, Indiana University, Loma Linda)


  • Honors for work in Basic Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine
  • Graduated WITH HONORS, in top 10 percent of class
  • Elected to ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA (this is the medical school equivalent of PHI BETA KAPPA)


  • UCLA Primary Care Internal Medicine 
  • I was one of only 4 physicians selected from 172 applicants for this very special pilot program funded by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation.
  • Two of those selected graduated from Stanford Medical School, and the third from Yale Medical School. All were ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA recipients in medical school.
  • The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, recognized that 90% of all the care Internal Medicine doctors give is in the office, but that the usual training only trained Internists to care for patients in the hospital.  Our program devoted major time and resources to also train us in: outpatient care in Internal Medicine, with additional training in:  behavior modification techniques, office gynecology, dermatology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, and psychiatry, as well as how to operate a successful and patient directed office practice


HOSPITAL AFFILIATION: Twin Cities Community Hospital